Construction and reconstruction of breakwaters, marinas and docks

Our company is specialized in all kinds of construction works for building new and restoring the existing breakwaters, marinas and docks. For all the works mentioned, Hidromont Engineering d.o.o. provides employees with many years of experience, as well as their own equipment which continually improves.

Laying down the underwater-submarine infrastructure, pipelines, cables

We are specialized in underwater works such as setting the underwater infrastructure, pipelines and cables, as well as underwater discharges. These complex procedures are executed by our professional staff, who all possess licenses, the latest equipment, as well as knowledge and many years of experience.

Underwater-submarine excavations

We provide all kinds of underwater-submarine excavations, for the purpose of deepening, cleaning, desilting and afterwards using the excavated material for embankment. This procedure implies geodetic survey of the bottom condition and dredging.

Concrete structures, prefabricated concrete elements, in situ concrete underwater

We manufacture and install underwater concrete structures, prefabricated concrete elements, as well as in situ concrete.
We assess the quality of underwater concrete construction, underwater plastering, reinforcement and concreting, underwater drilling in concrete, as well as underwater installation of anchors.

Geodetic underwater and surface surveys

For the purpose of adequate analysis, plan and preparation of works, we perform geodetic surveys and elaboration of the bottom condition, GBS positioning, sonar, 3D model of the terrain, electronic tachymetry and topography.

Underwater recording of the condition of installations and terrain

In order to get an adequate picture of the condition of underwater facilities and terrain, we use an underwater television system with audio and visual recording. We perform underwater photography, as well as ROV shooting with a remote-controlled vehicle-robot.

Drainage of facilities and terrain using high-capacity pumps

We perform drainage and cleaning of facilities and terrain using high-capacity pumps. We carry out the drainage of various excavations in the construction of complex facilities using the centrifugal pumps that can transport clean and dirty, muddy water with solid particles, sand or sludge.

Underwater humanitarian demining

Our divers have licenses and certificates for drainage demining and for supervisors in commercial and underwater demining. The removing of unexploded ordnance is an extremely delicate and dangerous job which requires expertise and experience, and that is why it is extremely important to leave this procedure to professionals.

Underwater mining works

We perform underwater blasting in order to remove underwater concrete or metal structures. Our highly trained staff will find a solution for any of your problems related to blasting, while using the latest technological achievements in this field.

Inspection of ships and navigation technology

We inspect and record the condition of ships and navigation equipment. We record the condition of the hull and propeller, clean them, as well as change, control and repair the anodes.